James Haggerty has found a way to develop a series of incredibly detailed mosaics using organized patterns of multicolored staples. James merges tens of thousands of small metal pieces together to form the faces of Darth Vader (10,496 staples), Greedo (21,458 staples), and C-3PO (33,580 staples). With meticulous patience and an organized plan, Haggerty punches each staple into a painted board averaging about 40 x 32″ in size. He relies on the dark background to fill in some of the negative spaces to form the mouth of C-3PO or Darth Vader’s helmet, while the metallic materials form the highlights and shine that add detailed depth to each portrait.


paintingNo matter the subject, century old or contemporary architecture, James Haggerty’ paitnings create a sense of drama, power and mystery. To preview Haggerty’s Paintings Gallery please Click Here.


printshopTo purchase a select collection of James Haggerty’s print work, we highly recommend that you visit his online gallery at The Old Print Shop. To visit Haggerty’s gallery please Click Here.